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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back in the, Corset Again!

So in 7 years the longest I have been OUT of my corset is 8 days, and I never want to do it again. Oddly, this is also the same number of days that is my record for staying laced IN my corset without removing it. And yes, I did have a way to bathe while in my corset. It wasn’t a gross out contest or anything. I just wanted to test how long I could go…and the answer was indefinitely, but the skin needs maintenance, so I would not recommend this to anyone. But I do fantasize about a way to remain corsetted permanently and it being a part of me all the time. See? I’ve gone crazy this week!

Well I have managed to repair one of my old corsets to a degree that I can wear it temporarily until I get the new one repaired. I still have not heard back from the corset maker on whether she understands my repair instructions. From past experience I know that once one steel has broken in the back, others will soon follow. So rather than send the corset all the way to Germany (not to mention that this is not free to ship internationally!) to replace one steel and have to send it back in another month for the next broken one, I have asked that the corset maker replace and/or reinforce all four rear steels that surround the grommets…which are where the laces are threaded for those not familiar with the basic corset parts…which gives me an idea about another post…anyway, I want all four replaced with something stronger or reinforced with additional steels in each pocket, like I did with her first corset that she made me (we are on our third from Corsets and More).

I just want to say that the problems I am having with the corset are probably due more to the difficulty in communicating due to a language barrier than any problem with actual workmanship. I may not have made myself clear enough about what was needed with the construction of the corset and it is possible that Doris did not understand that I literally LIVE in my corset often more than 23/7 and so I would need a very industrial strength 24/7 tightlacing corset. Doris is an incredible seamstress and makes THE most comfortable corsets I have yet to wear. This includes even the late great Amy Crowder of Wasp Creations. I would recommend Doris to anyone wanting a wonderfully fitted custom corset. No need for a personal fitting, as she is a miracle worker with the patterns.

I guess I am getting off subject here…I just wanted to update that I am no longer going uncorsetted. Please God (or, as we know him around here, Mr. K), please never again…please? It is hard to describe the rudderless out of control feelings that I get while outside of my corset. The past week was also a very combative one with Mr. K. I don’t think he makes the connection between my erratic behavior and my need to be laced in. He’s just crabby that I’m not corsetted. And rightly so I suppose, as it was part of our agreement (though we also had that nifty agreement about two operational corsets at all times, which would have made this situation a lot easier to manage). My behavior this week really surprised me. I would never have imagined that it would have such a drastic effect on my state of mind and I am beginning to see some patterns that I’d like to think about a little more before writing about them.

~)x(~ KKinDK

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adversity of going sans corset! HELP!

It has been a long while since I have posted. Part of that is because having the eyes of Mr. K on my writing leads me to censor myself. My hope is that he has directed his attentions elsewhere for the time being and I can write without it causing family upheaval. I write here because I can’t express opinions to Mr. K without him becoming angry. So my feelings can get a bit bottled up. This has become an outlet for me, but was never intended as a forum for arguments.
Much to my dismay, I have now been uncorsetted for more than a week. This is the longest time I have been out of a corset in 7 years. I cannot even express the magnitude of my discomfort, both physically and mentally. On the physical side, if you don’t already know, wearing a corset for 12 or more hours per day (according to my doctor, it doesn’t even need to be tight!) will cause the muscles in your back to atrophy. This causes severe pain when normal activities are attempted after removing the corset. I hate to say anything negative about corsetting, or scare anyone off from it, but I would have to warn against any serious corsetting unless you have the ability to maintain a very expensive habit.  I have spent most of the week on my back and even had to go to the hospital for related issues.  Of course I have never been able to afford custom corsets, so I am completely at the mercy of Mr. K when it comes to this.
As I mentioned in earlier blogs, the new corset from Doris Muller at Corsets and More had very flexible rear steels on either side of the grommets which had caused me concern. Every time I tried to get my corset reasonably tight, the steels would begin to buckle and fold up on me. Due to the length, I also had some rather unflattering results the moment I tried to sit down in anything other than a straight-backed chair. This was also a problem in my first corset from her which was a few years ago. Since I lived in the USA at the time, I talked it over with Mr. K long distance and he had approved my repairing it myself. I merely added an extra steel in each pocket at the back and this repaired the problem immediately. The second corset that Doris made was specified to have stronger steels at the back and I never had that problem with that second corset from her, though it was a fabric corset, so I never loved it the way I love my leather corsets. It just never inspired me the way that leather does. So, this third corset was made in leather, but alas, despite my request for the same corset as the fabric one only in leather and a bit longer, I got a corset more in line with the first one. Now as I feared would happen, the steel is broken in one of the rear channels and I have no corset to wear while it is sent to Germany for repair. Mr. K agreed a long time ago that I should always have more than one corset in working order for emergencies such as this, but sadly as with most of our agreements, it has never come to fruition. This is something he is not willing to discuss with me, so I don’t have any real answers about why things are the way they are. He only says that this is the way I wanted it, which couldn’t be farther from the truth, but unfortunately for both of us, once he gets an idea in his head it seems written in stone and no productive changes can be made from that point on.
Everyone wish me luck on getting the repair done, and also any wishes in the direction of getting Mr. K involved again would be nice. Until next time…
~)x(~ KK