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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The New Leather Long-Line Corset - First Lacing!

I am not completely well yet, but I cannot wait any longer to try my new corset. The smell of the leather in the box is taunting me, so I gave in… The first thing I notice about this new corset is that it is a bit longer than my last one. It is made by the same corsetiere, but the busk is a half inch longer and it comes down an additional 2 inches on the hip! To those that don’t wear corsets that might sound inconsequential, but I assure you, 2 additional inches in length means it is substantially more restricting…and harder to put on by yourself. I had to open the lacing quite wide to get it on easily enough. The busk snapped closed actually much easier than the last one, or maybe it is just that I am finally getting a little skill in this department. At first glance it looks as if this one will allow a bit more hip-spring, which I like. It evens out the largeness of my bust (a freakishly large in Denmark 38 JJ) and gives me a more “balanced” look I think. The lacing protector design is also new. I forgot to take pictures of that before I put the corset on, so the pictures I am posting don’t look “new”. I am going slowly with the tightening , so as not to damage the new corset, so the photo of the laces is barely tightened. It is just enough to give me the hourglass. Tomorrow I will go a little tighter. Mr. K still refuses to give any advice or opinion…but that’s ok, I think most of his expertise probably comes from observing me and I have gathered quite a bit of knowledge about corsetting over the last 7 years, so let him continue with his ignoring me. If there are any other corset trainers out there that feel like writing, I would love to hear from you. And of course I would love comments from anyone who stops by my page…at first I didn’t think there were any, but now I just found that handy little stats tab and it turns out there ARE people looking at my page. Now I have a little reason to keep posting I guess. Right now I am just at a gentle hug and it feels rather nice. My 13 year old child has commented that it looks better than the last, as it does not give me “box butt”. This is when the steels bend in an ugly sort of way at the back and give you a boxy look that we now call box butt. I’m off to let the corset settle and then sadly I will have to remove it for the night so as not to break it in too fast. This is the hard part for me. I so desperately want to close that gap. But I LOVE the way the new lacing protector looks at the back. I had her make it extra wide so I wouldn’t get the pain of grommets digging in my skin. She made a wide one before but it had channels that caused it to fold up like an accordion, so this seems to be an improvement. It’s all trial and error, so we will see…

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