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Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting By With A Little Help From Mr. K

Today I managed to get a nice even gap in the corset, but it was not on my own. After hearing me gasping and stomping my feet in frustration…and a few whines I’m sure…Mr. K relented and helped me even out the gap. He still won’t tighten me at all, but I’m grateful for the small amount of help, which actually isn’t so small because it makes a world of difference, not just aesthetically, but also in comfort. The gap may not look that much smaller, but I assure you that it FEELS smaller, hehe.

The corset feels tighter, and feels very comfortable. The lacing protector was giving me some trouble, but I flattened it under the weight of a few books and a 17 inch laptop (are those really meant to be portable?). The results are encouraging, because I’m not having any trouble with lumps or bumps, which end up being painful little knots after a few hours of wear. I feel like I could go tighter now after wearing for a few hours, but I’m afraid to try to get the gap smaller without Mr. K’s help. The steels are so flimsy that the minute I get my finger under one of the lace Xs’ it balloons out above it and then I have a hell of a time evening out again. I will pull the laces down at the bottom only to see the gap at the very top of the corset closing. Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to prevent this from happening? Any advice on getting a smooth and even gap? Because of course, the more even the gap, the more comfortable and tighter you can wear the corset. In any case, I have taken a few pictures of the more evened out gap as well as hopefully a better look at the length of this corset which really is quite long at the back, covering a good half of my bottom.
So, until next time, wish me luck on closing the gap,

~)x(~ KK

Since my last post I have discovered that these blog posts are being viewed by the very knowledgeable Mr. K. I say this to amend my previous comment about him possibly not being as knowledgeable as I suspected. He is; he just prefers to not discuss the subject of corsets with me and would like to lace a woman, sadly just not me. So it is up to me to discover whatever information I can on my own. I am always grateful for any information readers would like to share either in comments or private mails. And a thank you to “John” for your thoughts on shoulder straps. I hope to make that part of my next corset. I also loved your idea for crotch straps, which I had thought of as well, but I suspect that would require a fitting in person, and if I go in person, I think I’m going to want to go all the way and get an overbust…but that is a topic best left for another post.

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